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Well hello you might have seen that our website is a bit outdated. Thats right. We moved to a new one. This one is still in the air for a while so you can still look up some stuff. If you want to have all new info and updates. Go and click the link! See ya there!

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7 Dec 2017 Beethoven | Neushoorn

Experience the best classical music like a true pop...

7 Dec 2017 Winterballl

    In desperate need of a fine fest...

21 Nov 2017 Beter stem je een vrouw | Neushoorn

Het is Mark Rutte niet gelukt, evenveel vrouwen als mannen in het nieuwe kabinet. Ook in de Leeuwarder gemeenteraad...


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In Leeuwarden, you can fairly quickly find large and nice living quarters which are affordable. So it is no surprise that over 93% of the Leeuwarden students is very satisfied about his or her living quarters! We made a reliable overview of available places for you.


As a student in Leeuwarden, you can practice sports against a low rate. How? WIth the sports card of Leeuwarden Studiestad! There is an enormous variety of sports to choose from: going to the gym, bootcampus, zumba, basketball, football, swimming, kickboxing. You name it, we’ve got it!