Hey there! Great to have you here

Hey there! We are here totally for you as a student! Not only do we want to make your time in college as much fun as possible, but we can also help you to find a place to live and to make sure that you stay healthy and in shape. That’s why we organize among other things: very cool parties (not to boast), sports tournaments, networking sociables and workshops. And of course we also make sure that you daily receive useful as well as senseless information about student life in Leeuwarden. So. Are you looking for a place to live? We can arrange it for you. Are you looking for a cheap sports membership? We can also arrange for that. Feeling like party hardy? We make it happen . Leeuwarden Studiestad was founded by NHL Hogeschool, Stenden Hogeschool and Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein.

Startup Weekend Leeuwarden 2017 it is!

The first ever Startup Weekend Leeuwarden will take place from the 24th to the 26th of March 2017 at one of the most beautiful venues right in the hart of the Frisian capital. Together with a great team of local entrepreneurs and Startup Weekend enthusiasts we are working hard to create an unforgettable experience. The challenge for Startup Weekend Leeuwarden is to help spread the entrepreneurial Startup Weekend mentality and grow a community that spans across the several cities in the province. For those who haven't heard of Startup Weekend before... read more!

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In Leeuwarden, you can fairly quickly find large and nice living quarters which are affordable. So it is no surprise that over 93% of the Leeuwarden students is very satisfied about his or her living quarters! We made a reliable overview of available places for you.


As a student in Leeuwarden, you can practice sports against a low rate. How? WIth the sports card of Leeuwarden Studiestad! There is an enormous variety of sports to choose from: going to the gym, bootcampus, zumba, basketball, football, swimming, kickboxing. You name it, we’ve got it!